Procurement Toolbox

Search and Catalog Management solutions improve the effectiveness of the entire purchasing process.
Catalogs of suppliers and internal systems are imported with automated quality checks and validations. Workflow and approval management ensures that assortment and pricing updates are viewed by the Category Managers and approved.
After catalog and price approval, the user can search for the products using flexible search options. Our DirectedSearch technology takes the user to the right product, supplier, form, or service.
  • User friendly search functions provide quick access to catalogs
  • Search through local catalogs, punch-out catalogs, contracts, services and forms
  • Easy self-service catalog management for suppliers and internal category managers
  • Automatic validation, and approval workflows ensure high quality product information and simplify the ordering process

Procurement and Catalog Management Solutions ensure successful category management and efficient workflows in your requisitioning.

Our solutions assist in the entire procurement operations--from product search and selection to the ordering of goods, receiving and invoicing. Approval workflows make sure the order process complies with the organizations requirements. Easy search functions guide the user directly to the right product and the right service.

  • Procurement of all products and services through one system
  • From requisition and purchase order to the invoice
  • Smart Forms enable services procurement and special requirements
  • Integrated workflow approval management

Spend Analyzer supports analysis of all procurement data. The total purchase volume of your business including products and services can be clear and transparent.

Information about products, time periods, cost centers, ledger accounts, departments, suppliers, purchasing departments, etc. can be combined and analyzed to identify savings and improvement opportunities.

The integrated dashboard is company configurable and allows transparency across the oranization at a glance.

  • Analysis of the purchasing volume across all product groups, catalogs, time periods, suppliers and more.
  • Export in Excel
  • Preparation of datasets for supplier negotiations
  • Employee and company sepecific spend dashboards
  • Ad hoc analysis of all data
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