Procurement Toolbox

PT Box provides a combination of solutions supporting the searching and publishing of product and services catalogs including core assortments and contracted pricing, to enhance and strengthen existing procurement processes and systems in place across an enterprise.


Catalog and Price Contract Processing & Approval

Simple self-service Catalog management capability provides suppliers and internal category managers content management and approval processes, reducing costs whilst improving overall quality of Catalogs.


Catalog Search

The enterprise class search solution provides users with one simple search interface that gives them access to supplier Catalogs with approved assortments and contracts. Quick keyword searches direct users to approved local catalogs, punch-out catalogs, contracts, services, and requisition templates to which they have access. Simple and advanced search functions and category based browsing direct the user to the proper suppliers, contracts, and category based requisition templates.


Category and supplier specific messages as well as contract master data and supplier contact data provide additional valuable information from the procurement organisation and greatly reduce the direct support required by the procurement organisation.


Catalog Management Benefits

Automated validations, transformations and approval workflows ensure high quality product and service data and limit purchase order and invoice discrepancies

  • Higher degree of compliance to procurement contracts
  • Reduction of the time spent looking for each product
  • Improved process automation and control in the procurement organisation
  • Reduction in order processing cycle times
  • Cost reduction through decrease supplier order and invoice disputes
  • Price tracking and history