Procurement Toolbox


  • Efficient and Compliant Purchasing is ensured through direct access to the catalogs and contracts of your suppliers

  • Category based requisition templates enable simple purchasing of goods, works and services with complete category coverage

  • Workflow and approval management enforce company policies and speed the procurement process
  • Transaction transparency is supported through extensive reporting and analysis functions

  • An integrated Solution allows procurement of all products and services through a single solution



Catalogue and Search Integration

The combination and tight integration of our catalog search and procurement tools is second to none and allows the customer to establish a complete eCategory management platform. Users type keywords into our Directed Search(SM) technology and quickly find category based requisition templates and forms, supplier catalogs, punch-out catalogs, service order templates and more.


Features and Functions

  • Quick full text search on description, category, product IDs, keywords, and more
  • Configurable approval workflow for users, roles and groups based and spend, category, supplier, and other data elements from the requisition
  • Self-developed category based requisition templates and forms for the purchase of services, special needs and configurable products
  • Direct transmission to the supplier via e-mail
  • Audit and analysis of all spend and integration to optional Spend Analyzer solution