Procurement Toolbox


The Fit with Procurement

Today, catalogue and service content is best managed, in collaboration with Suppliers and Users. ‘CCC’ works together with procurement and purchasing systems to ensure that users across the organisation have a single view of product, service and contract price information. It provides easy-to-use web-based portals for Procurement and Suppliers, with full workflow to deliver the lowest implemented cost.

By facilitating efficient management and presentation of product & service information, CCC optimizes the value of any procurement system and accelerates the amount of spend under management

The service includes modules for all aspects of content management - from catalogue creation and publication to comprehensive search capabilities. The CCC Service incorporates the following modules;

  • On-line Product Catalog - OPC
  • Self Service Manager - SSM
  • Product Information Manager - PIM
  • Hosting Services
  • Help Desk and Support
  • Catalog, Content and Category Services
  • Supplier Enablement and On-boarding Services