Procurement Toolbox

Value and Benefits of CCC


  • 1 – 4 % hard savings against the solutions’ addressable spend, by bringing eliminating ‘off-contract’ spend
  • 3 – 5 % savings in Procure-to-Pay costs, through greater compliance, Requisition and PO accuracy
Procurement Benefits
  • Lower Contract Management costs and Automated Supplier Processes
  • Increased visibility, control and policy implementation of 'Centre-led Category and Contract Management'
  • Improved supplier relationships - through content and catalog collaboration.
  • Easy self management of the solution and catalogs through standard excel-based loaders and web-portals
Finance Benefits
  • Improved Accounts Payable processes, accuracy drives better 2 and 3-way matching of PO to Supplier Invoices
  • Improved reporting of on-contract spend, provides data-driven evidence of negotiated savings
IT Benefits
  • Easy Implementation: A single connection to the CCC service using a ERP standard punch-out and round-trip connections
  • Rapid Rollout:
  • Lower IT System Support costs : The solution is self-managed by Procurement through easy-to-use excel based loaders